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Hayward Salt Chlorine Blue Essence – Advanced Salt Chlorination System

Introduce the next level of pool maintenance with the Hayward Salt Chlorine Blue Essence, a revolutionary salt chlorination system designed for both pools and spas. This system transforms a minimal amount of salt into a consistent and efficient chlorine supply, ensuring your water is always pristine and ready for use. Explore the innovative features that make the Hayward Salt Chlorine Blue Essence a must-have:

  • Efficient Chlorine Production: The system efficiently converts salt into chlorine, meeting 100% of your pool or spa’s chlorine requirements, providing continuous disinfection without the need for additional chlorine products.
  • Advanced Water Treatment: Equipped with UV and ozone treatment capabilities, the Hayward Salt Chlorine Blue Essence offers superior water quality. This advanced system eliminates 99.9% of chlorine-resistant microorganisms, ensuring your water is not only clean but also healthy.
  • Reduced Chlorine Usage: Enjoy a significant reduction in chlorine use, by 50% or more, thanks to the efficient and controlled release of chlorine, which maintains optimal levels without wastage.
  • Health and Comfort Benefits: Say goodbye to the common discomforts associated with traditional chlorination methods, such as irritated skin and eyes, as well as the strong chemical odors. The Hayward system provides water that is clear, soft, and gentle on the body, making every swim a pleasant experience.
  • Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective: Reduce your environmental impact and save money by cutting down on chemical use and avoiding the need for frequent chlorine purchases and pool maintenance.

Ideal for pool and spa owners looking for a hassle-free, effective, and gentle water sanitization solution, the Hayward Salt Chlorine Blue Essence transforms your swimming experience, making it healthier and more enjoyable.

To learn more about how this system can revolutionize your pool care routine, visit or contact us directly at 305-646-1625. Elevate your pool experience with Hayward’s cutting-edge technology!

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