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Cool Blue Diamond Brite® Exposed Aggregate Pool Finish

Cool Blue Diamond Brite® Exposed Aggregate Pool Finish

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SGM Diamond Brite™ PBC332 Cool Blue Exposed Aggregate Pool Finish

Elevate the elegance and durability of your aquatic spaces with the SGM Diamond Brite™ PBC332 Cool Blue Exposed Aggregate Pool Finish. Expertly designed for pools, fountains, spas, and water features, this 80 lb finish combines aesthetic appeal with high functionality. Here's why the Cool Blue Diamond Brite® finish stands out:

  • Premium Blend Materials: Utilizing a blend of selected quartz aggregates mixed with fortified white Portland cement, this finish guarantees exceptional durability and a visually appealing surface for any aquatic setting.
  • Exceptional Durability and Aesthetics:
  • Chemical Resistance: The insoluble quartz aggregate composition withstands harsh pool chemicals and prevents staining, maintaining its pristine appearance for years.
  • Color Stability: Enhanced with Diamond Quartz accent colors that are permanent and fade-resistant thanks to advanced coating technology. These colors will not rust, rub off, or fade, ensuring lasting beauty.
  • Variegated Appearance: Skillfully hides minor imperfections common in pool surfaces, providing a uniform and flawless look throughout.
  • Advanced Functionality:
  • Slip Resistance: Offers a smooth yet non-skid surface that enhances safety and comfort for swimmers, making it perfect for family-friendly pools.
  • Improved Bonding and Consistency: Factory-blended to ensure superior bonding to the pool surface and consistent quality across installations.


Ideal for new installations or refurbishing existing ones, the Cool Blue Diamond Brite® ensures that your pool not only stands out with its stunning blue hue but also offers a robust, low-maintenance finish that lasts. Whether you're updating your pool or installing a new spa, this finish provides both the performance and the look you desire.

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