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Pentair IntelliBrite ARC Color LED Light – Brighter, More Efficient Pool Lighting

Illuminate your pool with the stunning and efficient Pentair IntelliBrite ARC Color LED Light, designed to enhance your swimming experience while reducing energy costs. This state-of-the-art light is not just a source of illumination; it's an upgrade that brings both vibrancy and efficiency to your pool environment. Discover the outstanding features of the IntelliBrite ARC LED Light:

  • Enhanced Brightness and Efficiency: Now 60% brighter and 50% more energy-efficient compared to previous models, the IntelliBrite ARC Light transforms your pool with vibrant, powerful lighting while significantly reducing energy consumption.
  • Advanced Optics and Even Distribution: Equipped with a 3D light engine and a convex lens, this LED light spreads its beams widely and evenly in all directions, ensuring comprehensive illumination without hot spots or shadows.
  • Pure, Clean White Light: The improved optics of the IntelliBrite ARC eliminate color separation, producing a cleaner, crisper white light that enhances the natural beauty of your pool.
  • Color and Light Shows: Tailor the ambiance to suit any mood with five fixed brilliant colors and seven dynamic color-changing light shows. Whether hosting a party or enjoying a quiet evening swim, these settings create the perfect atmosphere.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality components, the IntelliBrite ARC LED Light promises long-lasting performance, adding durability to its dazzling display.
  • Easy Compatibility and Installation: Designed to fit seamlessly into existing Pentair 10” and 6” niches, this LED light is an ideal upgrade from older incandescent or first-generation LED models.
  • Convenient Control Options: Enhance your experience with easy control via a Pentair automation system, or the Color Sync™ Controller for Pentair Color LED Lights, allowing for effortless adjustment of settings right from your pool deck.

The Pentair IntelliBrite ARC Color LED Light is the perfect choice for pool owners looking to upgrade their pool lighting with something that is both visually impressive and economically sensible.

To learn more or to make a purchase, visit or call us at 305-646-1625. Transform your pool with the vivid, efficient lighting of Pentair IntelliBrite ARC!

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