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Tahoe Blue Diamond Brite® Exposed Aggregate Pool Finish

Tahoe Blue Diamond Brite® Exposed Aggregate Pool Finish

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Tahoe Blue Diamond Brite® Exposed Aggregate Pool Finish – SGM Diamond Brite™ PBC323

Enhance your water features with the serene beauty of Tahoe Blue Diamond Brite® Exposed Aggregate Pool Finish, now available at Pools Cosmetics. Perfect for pools, spas, fountains, and more, this 80 lb finish combines aesthetic allure with superior durability. Explore the unmatched features of Tahoe Blue:

  • Captivating Tahoe Blue Hue: Imbue your pool or spa with the tranquil and refreshing shade of Tahoe Blue. This inviting color enhances the clarity of the water and complements a variety of outdoor decor styles, making it a favorite among homeowners.
  • Robust Material Quality: Constructed from insoluble quartz aggregates, Tahoe Blue is engineered to resist the damaging effects of pool chemicals and prevent staining. This resilience ensures your finish maintains its vibrant color and texture season after season.
  • Factory-Blended Consistency: Pre-blended in controlled factory settings, Tahoe Blue ensures uniformity in texture and color, guaranteeing a consistent and high-quality finish across the entire surface of your pool or water feature.
  • Variegated Visual Texture: The Diamond Quartz accent colors are not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing. These accents are permanently bonded using advanced coating technology, creating a variegated look that conceals minor imperfections typically found in traditional pool finishes.
  • Enhanced Safety and Comfort: With its slip-resistant properties, Tahoe Blue provides a safe and comfortable surface for swimmers of all ages. The texture of the finish enhances grip, reducing the risk of slips and falls in wet conditions.

Transform your aquatic areas into stunning escapes with Tahoe Blue Diamond Brite® Exposed Aggregate Pool Finish. Visit Pools Cosmetics in Miami or browse our selection online at For more information or to place an order, call us at 305-646-1625. Dive into the captivating hues of Tahoe Blue and bring long-lasting beauty and safety to your pool or spa.

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